by chitrkunwar

Peepal the tree with unconstrained virtues is a tree that is deity to many people in India. With its historic existence the tree has some unbelievable benefits. But in today’s world of modernization most of the people seem to have forget about its relevancy.

HARYALI WELFARE SOCIETY has continued its quest to make earth greener and safer to live. Save trees, Save Earth is not just a quote it’s a pledge that we have taken to spread the world.

Cutting peepal tree is a crime as it is attached to the religious sentiments of the people,

Peepal is national tree and cutting it like this is a big crime. We have been transplanting trees in the city and if we were informed about this matter earlier, we could have got this transplanted too, says Vivek Kamboj, founder of Haryali and a social activist.

The temple is the only one in the A block and the temple visitors used to worship this ancient peepal tree also.

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