The Green Police station

by chitrkunwar

In Gurgaon very first time Haryali has made a Green Police station. The thought was this that all day our policemen stand Guards on duty in all the Roads. In pollution without shades of Trees, No Respite from heat and cold they just stand all the day.

So, our thought was to make the police station a Green Place. We put good lush green Trees and some trees are fruit bearing, pots of water for the birds, By doing so we can give a Environment of Green and peace to these Police officials who were tired from day long work . So when these officers get back they can relax in the shades of trees and by seeing chirping of Birds they can feel relax.
This thought was implemented by Haryali in the police Station of Sector 29, By the help of S.H.O JAGDISH PRASAD, He has provided full support to us so that we can put such a peaceful and Green Environment to the Police officials. Haryali maintained it for two years, By watering and pouring Adequate Fertilizers and took care for these Trees so that this police station can get a Lush green peaceful environment and Trees which gives fruit.

As a human any police officials who get back to his police station must have a proper Environment where he can feel Refreshed and there is no other Refreshment above then Green Trees with Lush Green shadows. One can feel at home and at peace. Birds, Greenery and shadows gives you peace of mind and body.
Joint police Commissioner has Planted “TRIVENI” tree in this same police station. This Idea has been greatly appreciated by then Commissioner of Police Mr. Alok Mittal.
This initiative grabbed the Headlines in Famous News papers and the Headlines gone like this, that Techies create Gurgaon’s first ever Green Police Station. One can visit this police station and can see the fully grown lush green Trees.

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