In arid Marathwada, villagers dig hours to fill a pot of water

by chitrkunwar

Hello! I am free flowing air,
I serve lives without any fare.
To express my natural right,
I tell a poet to freely write.

I am invisible
also invincible.
My presence nourishes life,
but absence – exhausts life.

I have space for nitrogen,
as well as oxygen.
I include inert gases,
although in traces.

I play music by compression
and alternate rarefaction.
I dance in piano, violin and flute,
when I pause, they become mute.

I am inflated in tyres of vehicles,
my weight and pressure do miracles.
I am invited to inaugurate ignition,
then given a seat to continue combustion.

Due to toxic and untreated emission,
I am becoming a victim of pollution.
I remind that prevention is better than cure,
for your good health, I must remain pure.

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