Autobiography of Water – Poem

by chitrkunwar

Hello! I am an earthly inhabitant – water,
I sustain the life of every son and daughter.
To express my inherent right,
I tell a poet to explicitly write.

I cover two-thirds of the surface of earth,
in the same ratio by weight, I share a human’s berth.
It’s my duty to care for every living creature,
without me, they can not nurture.

I am available through many sources,
lakes, rivers, oceans as well as seas.
I flow through a maze of channels,
then made potable by filtration panels.

When it rains, I hide myself underground,
traveling through pores, I’m bound and unbound.
In drought, I come out by boring and extraction,
industrial chemicals poison me by contamination.

As long as I continue to flow,
my health booms, and I glow.
When I stagnate due to poor sanitation,
I foster diseases that cause destruction.

When humanity makes my proper utilization,
I serve it with love through my distribution.
You need me; please do not waste me,
use me, harvest me, but kindly do not pollute me

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