Wildlife corridors and elevated roads near forests a must: NGOs

by chitrkunwar

GURGAON: The state government is yet to take any lessons from the death of big cats in road accidents in and around forest areas of the Aravalis in Gurgaon.

Forest officials said a major share of the state’s 300 sq km of leopard habitat fall under Gurgaon and Faridabad. While the wildlife department boasts of the high number of leopards in Manesar , believed to be around 25, it is yet to take any concrete steps to protect them from road accidents.

According to a wildlife department study, forests need ‘wildlife corridors’ to prevent such accidents. Sources said a proposal to develop such corridors was discussed at the ministerial level, but is yet to take concrete shape. A senior wildlife official said one suggestion was to build elevated roads where highways pass close to forests, so that the habitat is affected minimally by traffic. He explained that linking the state’s fragmented wildlife corridors by building elevated roads would leave a larger and continuous habitat for big cats, reducing chances of these animals coming out on roads.

Amit Choudhery, president of PFA, said most wild animals are hit while trying to cross roads. PFA and city-based NGO Haryali are now pressurizing the state government to develop wildlife corridors.

Rao Jaswant Singh,TNN | May 7, 2015, 02.55 AM IST

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