Remove concrete around trees: Gurgaon corporation

by chitrkunwar

In an effort to protect trees in the city following orders from the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has asked all its junior engineers to ensure that “ encroachments” that are “choking trees” be removed.

According to an MCG official, the move comes after city-based NGO Haryali approached the NGT. The NGO told the Tribunal that over-concretisation by civic agencies has left no breathing space for trees in the city. In its complaint, the NGO told the NGT that MCG leaves no space around the trees while building roads, parking spaces or sidewalks.

Officials said engineers have been directed to ensure that no tree is “choked by concrete” and other encroachments like banners and advertisements. “A minimum space of 1.25 metres will be left around a tree trunk while building sidewalks, and footpaths,” a senior official said.

Officials will also have to make a note of any such concretisation that has either deformed the trees or destroyed it completely. “These encroachments would later be removed carefully. We will also ensure that no machinery is used while removing concrete around trees,” the official told Newsline.

In the complaint, the NGO has also alleged that interlocked tiles are not being laid in a proper manner.
“The workers will remove tiles and other concrete material around trees so that a vacant space is created alongside trees. We have asked our engineers to remove the concrete using bare hands so that none of the trees or plants are harmed,” the official said.

Indianexpress| New Delhi | Published on:April 25, 2015 3:08 am

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