HARYALI (The Green Movement) has been created with a lot of care with sole objective to maintain or improve the quality of life & the natural world around us by preserving, protecting & planting more trees for this is only way to negate the effects of rapid urbanization & industrialization.

HARYALI is an effort by some concerned individuals who wish to ensure that the natural environment is used wisely & continues to be available for the benefit & enjoyment of future generations.

HARYALI was initiated by a young group & founded on 18th October, 2005. This group of concerned people aimed at diverting some of their energy in conserving our environment, which is being misused & degraded due to lack of awareness, knowledge & understanding.

City dwellers face a wide range of environmental challenges, dirty air & water, dwindling open space, garbage, traffic, the impact of industrialisation.

We work to preserve open space & help create plans for new urban parks that revitalize cities. We fight for clean drinking water & less polluting public transit. With offices in Delhi, Gurgaon & Faridabad, we are trying to improve the environment in these cities & prove that it can be done in all urban areas.

Haryali shares a deep concern for the future in which our children & their children will live, we hope to forestall very serious deterioration of the natural assets like trees that sustain Human Societies & their Economies.

Haryali is here to expose environmental criminals & to challenge Government & Corporations when they fail to live up to their mandate to safe guard our environment & our future.