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Save Trees

Plant a tree and save the Earth

Trees are a fundamental to life on Earth but in this time of urbanization look like there importance is of not much relevance to most of us. Unfortunately, within sixty years of independence, our population has been allowed to soar four times & our benevolent forest cover allowed diminishing four times.

plant-a-tree plant_a-tree

Trees are a national asset, “a nations health can be gauged by the area under Tree cover” & cutting them indiscriminately is a great wrong to humanity, whether it is noise pollution, lung diseases, global warming/climate change, droughts etc. its all has something to do with lack of greenery in our surroundings.

The way Trees are being cut the day is not far away when people will be dying for want of fresh air & new generations will be carrying oxygen masks to sustain the life & perhaps venturing out in open will be a luxury.

Trees are integral part of our lives; they provide us with oxygen, fruits, shade, shelter, scenery, medicine, construction material, energy. They are associated with all five elements of life earth, sky, air, fire, and water. They also remove co2 from air which has spiked in recent decades and has been linked to global warming.

save-trees save-trees
"Save Trees" is not just a slogan to speak or to listen, it is, a persona, which should be followed by all, so as to save ourselves and our upcoming generation. Hence, Haryali is being founded to create a good ambiance and it is also a great opportunity for people, who have always wanted to be "a part of a healthy environment."

Trees represent life on this vast earth.  They should be protected at any cost in this era of urbanization & industrialization and global warming. 

In Today’s Modern World when everybody is after one another, only these Trees are there who live for the benefit of others.  There is not a single part of tree which is not useful, with their beautiful foliage, fragrant flowers, cool shade, roots, bark, wood, sprouts and fruits they serve.  Nobody returns without benefiting who approaches the tree.

The importance of Trees in purifying the air, as natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance, preventing soil erosion, as medicines, habitats for faunal species, providing nutrients to the soil etc. is well known Clearly, Trees are an important asset, and as with any asset, it is advantageous to ensure that it continues to appreciate.

The following way we can save trees and our environment.

1. Make some efforts of your own or join our organization to plant or save Trees.
2. Volunteer your time to conservation projects.
3. Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to save resources too.
4. Learn about conservation issues in your community or state. Write your legislators and let them know where you stand on the issues.
5. Teach children to respect nature and the environment. Take them on hikes or camping. Help them plant a tree

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