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Tree Transplantation by Haryali.

“Haryali” has transplanted more than 100 Trees in Gurgaon with 70% Success Rate. Gurgaon is a city where development is happening almost every second. Big giants of corporate world and all the big builders are providing Job opportunities and Residence spaces respectively. With fast moving development underway people just chop all the trees which come in their way. Such was the mess that Tree transplantation was very important concept to be placed.

More than 100 tree we have shifted and transplanted in Gurgaon is what we are proud of , Not only we save these huge trees from chopping but today they are standing in some other location proudly and serving their benefits to lakhs of people who live in Gurgaon. Once you start something and people then follow that course of action which directly sync with the betterment of Environment and mother earth is quite satisfactory.

“Haryali” once Transplanted huge “peeple “ tree to some other location. One can understand it takes years for a small sapling to become a small plant and then grow to huge lush green Tree. It’s very easy to chop a tree with machines with seconds but growing them to fully mature is a course which takes years.

“Haryali” initiated this concept of tree transplantation in Gurgaon and we can say today in Gurgaon Tree Transplantation has become the norm.

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