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Haryali has planted more than 50,000 trees all across Gurgaon and saved more than 20 lakh trees .

We concentrate more on protecting Trees and fight for their right. As human greed and corrupt officials are ruthlessly chopping trees in the name of development. Even Aravali ‘s are not spared.

Haryali’s views Endorsed and National Green Tribunal passed order by which only state Govt. of Haryana can go into the forest for collect dead and fell trees. Earlier, Timber mafia as private contractors go in for collect dead and fell trees, but they also cut those trees which are fresh for their own benefits.

National green tribunal order now has saved lakhs of trees which were being chopped by these Timber mafia.
Another case where Haryali challenged to stop any activity in the Entire range of Aravali from Jasola(Delhi) to Sirska (Rajasthan ) which is one of the oldest Mountain range.

This range of Aravali are our water recharging zone , gives us fresh air to the neighbouring city’s , its a home for wildlife, it stand like a protection wall against the dust storm and save us by observing harmful Gases. National Green Tribunal has put a stay on any activity in this Range, thus Haryali has save these ranges from commercial activity. Once again our efforts save lakh’s of Trees in Arvali’s.

Alstonia tree which are more than 10 lakh in Delhi and Haryana. These trees gives us oxygen all 12 months and absorb carbon dioxide, other harmful gases, provide fresh air, gives greenery all over the NCR Region.
Some time ago this Alstonia tree termed as a tree which has Health Hazard for human in a news paper and cutting of all these tree has been ordered. There was no authenticity of this allegation which came in news paper, actually there was no such thing present in this tree. Haryali’s effort made this Decision Reversed and it saved lakhs of trees around NCR region.

Forest officials given thousand of Alstonia plants freely to people and when they grow big these same officials cut them off. It just not fair and has no logic that first you give and then you cut.
If you have to cut finally then what is the need for giving them for free. Nature never gives harm to human but only humans can harm nature.

We Helped forest officials by supporting them to plant more than 10,000 trees in Gurgaon – Faridabad Highway.
He have saved lakhs of trees and planted thousands of trees all across Gurgaon, Haryana.

Haryali vows to protect trees every time they get into danger of chopping down.

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