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Save Tree the God and the life giving ultimate source on earth.

Save tree, save tree, save tree! How many times people say this and how many times people hear this. We guess how many people in this fast track life understand this yell of save tree. Very few who understand the Importance of tree and saving it? Why? Why trees are important? We live because of Oxygen and we get oxygen through Trees. Is there any other abundance and free source of Oxygen Available in this earth other then tree and has ever man made anything which gives such pure nonstop and unconditional, free oxygen. God given this to us so that nobody is deprive of this because of lack of knowledge or money..It’s free and for all.

There are multiple ways of saving trees in this world. Trees are Important and vital source of environmental structure and system. It needs to be taken care of well and with utmost importance. There must be zero tolerance towards cutting of trees and removing for the name of development. Just look and read the benefits of tree and close your eyes and imagine if you have to pay or work to earn these benefits of tree.
Benefits of tree are many which can’t be replaced.

Trees absorbs nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, pollutants, carbon dioxide. Trees allow us to get free and clean oxygen. Tree which is mature can provide as much as oxygen for ten people in one calendar year. Tree helps soil erosion and gives timber for the poor who rely on natural resources to cook food. We get fruit and medicinal purposes leaves from the tree. A Fully grown tree produces as much oxygen as is required by ten people for one calendar year.

Areas where there are no trees can get to 6 degrees hotter because there nothing to block the hot sun and in winter trees block the cold wind.
Planting more trees and saving trees from cutting should be dealt with utmost importantly. People say Trees can disrupt the pavements and footpaths for boundary walls once the roots take its strong and grow However, we should be more concerned about the benefit to survive rather than luxury of walking on pavements or footpaths. Plant almost everywhere alongside footpath and pavements, road sides.

We need to think and find out various ways for saving tree rather then slowly killing the prime source of oxygen the tree. If we can put Trip stop during construction it will benefit us in two ways one its very cost effective and it will act as a joint that is fixed into the concrete which will allow the cement to be more relaxed to growing tree roots, and let them move rather than break. Trip stop gives us the leverage to grow and plant trees along sidewalks and pavements.

Measures to prevent Trees from cutting and deforestation.
Around the world deforestation had led to global warming, acid rain ,green house effect, Because of all this we need to address Issue of how we can save trees.
Real estate (housing purpose) and need for more agricultural land which has increased the destruction of forest thus effecting the environment.

We are clearing the rainforest from the globe and think it is of no use. Since these rainforests are mostly filled with insect and has hot and humid, sultry climate people it has nothing to offer. Human are destroying this rain forest by doing so, we are destroying the entire ecosystem. What human don’t understand is this will have serious effect on the environment. Inconsistent climate and global warming are the products of deforestation and desire of man to make this earth a concrete home rather than green home.
In future and currently we can see the adverse effect of all this loss of natural ecosystem by which it could harm us by ecological imbalances.

Government must explore new technologies and innovative ideas to make the existing farming land more viable for increased output. Hence, the output will come up higher than normal and there would be no need for acquiring more land for farming by cutting trees for creating forest a farming land. Farmers can be given better fertilizers, supplement for the saplings for more yield. Sufficient education given to the farmer related to farming.
Government should ban the manufacturing of wooden furniture and decorating homes with wood because it consumes lots of wood. Instead synthetic and steel must be used as against wood thus; it will ensure safety of trees.
Government should provide the rural masses to use the solar cookers and other means to prepare their food instead of Wood and putting a curb on the subsidies given for the trade of timber thus it will discourage timber manufacturers.
Preserving the trees in urban areas is must because of the rapid development and the pressure of housing is the one of the reason the trees have been slaughtered in the name of development thus making these so called urban cities a concrete jungle.
Government must put in a law to keep certain area of green cover or space thus keeping the builders into c heck so that they keep space for planting trees and landscaping must be kept.
Centralised department must be set and it must be monitored by govt so that cutting trees must have a severe punishment for the culprits. Unlimited use of products made up of trees must be banned and instead new things come up as replacement of paper. Minimum usage of paper must be considered.

Since in India Hindus live in majority they burn wood when they cremate their bodies, With Every one dead body they have to chop one live tree to bid farewell to the departing body and soul. Government convert these cremation methods into electrification or burial. We cannot cut a live tree for a dead Human.

Every country should respect and treat Trees as god and cutting of trees must be banned and citizens must be educated about the adverse effect of cutting trees. From the tender age before god we must tell them about the importance of trees. Trees are our life and it should come before god who is invisible. We have one god visible that is tree, Look deeply into tree you can see god breathing through it…spare trees to live and life.

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